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338 Jackson      Fremont Ohio     43420-2314     419-680-6268

Everyday Productions on Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) Local Access* 


Here's the schedule for Everyday Productions programming on Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) local access this week.*

Saturday/Sunday/Tuesday, July 15/16/18, 2017.

9 am/6 pm Fremont City Council from Thursday, July 5, 2017 Two hours and forty minutes

11:40 am/8:40 pm Fremont Fourth of July Parade from Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Forty-seven minutes

All times are approximate.


DVDs of any Everyday Productions event featured on this website may be purchased for $20 each. This includes shipping, handling, and tax. Submit your order to:

Everyday Productions

338 Jackson Street

Fremont, OH 43420-2314

*In the Fremont area, local access is channel 5; however, it may be different in other parts of our coverage area.