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Baker-Bonnigson Consignment Auction

Sat/Sun, Mar 24/25, 2018, 9:37 am

Below are the links to all of the items up for sale.

Baker-Bonnigson website is here.

To go straight to the photos on the Everyday Productions Facebook page, click here.

To view drone video of the auction items in the parking lot, click here. Overhead video is provided by Bruce Chambers

Parking Lot

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

Row 5

Row 6

Row 7

Row 8

Row 9

Row 10

Row 11

Row 12

Row 13

Row 14

Row 15

Row 16

Row 17

Row 18

Row 19

Anderson Arena/Show Barn

Beverage Caddy Express

Bowser Pumps

Chainsaw Art

Crops Building

Dairy Barn

4-H Building

Jon's Dream Barn 


Lawn and Garden

Pit/Pit Shelter

Sheep and Hog Barn

Steer Barn: Garden Tractors, Golf Carts, ATVs, Misc












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